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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 21 and 22 (Pages 131 - 143).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Lisa Shilling's conversation with her parents opens the novel. What does Lisa tell her parents during this conversation?
(a) That she is failing algebra.
(b) That she is engaged to Brian Morris.
(c) That she is dropping out of high school.
(d) That she thinks she's going crazy.

2. With only three weeks left in the school year, what does Mr. Bernstein hope for?
(a) That Rev. Fickett will let him join another church.
(b) That Lisa Shilling will complete school and become someone else's problem.
(c) That he will win the lottery before he loses his job.
(d) That Betsy Goodman will pass her classes and graduate.

3. Mr. Shilling meets with Rev. Fickett, Mr. Milne, and his daughter, and rejects their claim that Lisa Shilling is suffering from mental illness. What does Mr. Shilling do after the meeting ends?
(a) He starts drinking heavily.
(b) He roughs up his wife and daughters.
(c) He takes Lisa to the hospital.
(d) He leaves town on a business trip.

4. After Lisa Shilling berates Mary Nell Fickett for quite some time, what does she do?
(a) She slaps Mary Nell.
(b) She watches a movie starring Elizabeth Taylor.
(c) She begs Mary Nell for help.
(d) She shoves Mary Nell through a glass door.

5. During one group therapy session Lisa Shilling teases Mary Nell Fickett by making up a recurring dream. What is the dream that Lisa makes up?
(a) She dreams she's married to Paul Newman.
(b) She dreams of Brian Morris dating Mary Nell.
(c) She dreams she was born in California.
(d) She dreams of many snakes crawling into a hole.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which character is the youngest major character of the novel?

2. Who eavesdrops on the conversation between Rev. Fickett, Mr. Milne, and Mr. Shilling when they discuss Lisa Shilling's mental illness?

3. What is the profession of Betsy Goodman's father ?

4. What does Mary Nell Fickett do as she continues to participate in group therapy sessions with Lisa Shilling?

5. Why does Brian Morris break up his relationship with Lisa Shilling?

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