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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 21 and 22 (Pages 131 - 143).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which character realizes that Elizabeth Frazer has previously been under professional care for mental illness?
(a) Brian Morris.
(b) Betsy Goodman.
(c) Tracy Shilling.
(d) Mary Nell Fickett.

2. Lisa Shilling tells her friends that she is always tired. Why is she always tired?
(a) Because she sneaks out at night to visit her boyfriend Brian Morris.
(b) Because her father makes her clean house for several hours every night.
(c) Because when she tries to sleep she hears many voices talking to her.
(d) Because she likes to stay up late watching television.

3. During one group therapy session Lisa Shilling teases Mary Nell Fickett by making up a recurring dream. What is the dream that Lisa makes up?
(a) She dreams she's married to Paul Newman.
(b) She dreams of Brian Morris dating Mary Nell.
(c) She dreams she was born in California.
(d) She dreams of many snakes crawling into a hole.

4. According to the narrator, who is "the gasp!!!!" (p. 23) of the school?
(a) Tracy Shilling.
(b) Brian Morris.
(c) Ben Goodman.
(d) Jeremy Bernstein.

5. According to the narrator, who is the cutest boy in school?
(a) Ben Goodman.
(b) Paul Newman.
(c) Brian Morris.
(d) Neil Donovan.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Lisa Shilling hope to accomplish by walking deliberately through a floor-to-ceiling window?

2. Why does Betsy Goodman describe Neil Donovan as "'absolutely technicolor!'" (p. 125)?

3. The school guidance counselor's name is...

4. After Lisa Shilling's apparent suicide attempt, Elizabeth Frazer introduces Mary Nell Fickett and Betsy Goodman to...

5. What is Neil Donovan's profession?

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