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Many popular book series today, geared at younger readers, feature text interspersed with simple line-drawing cartoons depicting comic scenes. Select several scenes from the novel and reproduce them as cartoon line drawings.

Draw Lisa's Mind

Use your creativity to draw a scene or setting that, to you, reflects your understanding of Lisa's mind.

Elizabeth Frazer would be played by...

Imagine you are casting the film version of the book. Which actors would you cast as the various characters?

Theme songs

Betsy Goodman says Cher is her favorite singer. Pick contemporary popular songs that for some reason you identify with the major characters. Explain why the song resonates with the character.

Poor Lisa Shilling...

Write a country and western song, or research and identify one, that reflects Lisa Shilling's plight.


A well-known novel features only characters that are rabbits. Lets take some artistic license and replace the...

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