Like Water for Chocolate Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. What does the reader find out about Tita's great aunt, which reveals a similarity between the two women?

The reader finds out that Tita's great aunt cried in the womb, and Tita is also one who is susceptible to tears just as her aunt was.

2. What did Tita make when she and cook would be in the kitchen together when she was a child?

Tita used to make little animals out of pieces of sausages, bending the sausages as though they were balloons.

3. Why wasn't Tita upset about the frying of her little sausage creatures during the holiday season?

Tita wasn't upset about her sausage creatures being fried as they were offered in the making of Christmas rolls.

4. Why can't Tita be the daughter to marry Pedro, according to the rules of Mama Elena?

Tita can't marry Pedro because she is the youngest and she must remain single so as to care for Mama when she is old.

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