Like Water for Chocolate Character Descriptions

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Juan Alejandrez - This character is a captain in the revolutionary army who leaves his post to go to the ranch.

Alex Brown - This character's mother died during his birth.

Dr. John Brown - This character is the family doctor who lives in Eagle Pass.

Mama Elena De fa Garza - This character is the tyrannical, authoritarian, middle-class matron who runs her daughters' lives along with the family ranch.

Rosaura De la Garza - The middle of the three sisters, this character marries the man another character loves.

Tita De la Garza - This character is the obedient but strong-willed youngest daughter.

Paquita Lobo - This character is the neighbor who has unusually sharp senses.

Chench J Martinez - A servant in the household, this character becomes a confidante.

Morning Light - This character is a grandmother, a Kikapu Indian, whom another character's grandfather had...

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