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1. Describe Dr. Markwell and what he is doing when Chapter 1 begins.

Dr. Markwell is sitting at home drinking. He has become a drunk after his son's death. Markwell knows that he has become careless because of his drinking, although no one realizes that he is drunk all the time. Markwell looks forward to the point in time when he will be caught and no longer practice medicine.

2. What happens to Janette Shane?

Janette goes into the hospital when she is in labor. She has a hard time of it and dies in labor. The doctor explains to her husband that it was because she had a uterine obstruction. The doctor goes on to say that she was one of the people that wasn't meant to have children.

3. Describe Laura Shane when she is born.

The doctor describes her as exceptionally beautiful. Her mother had a hard time in delivery but Laura is very healthy. She had a full head of hair and is very angelic looking even compared to other babies.

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