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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Fat Jack put in the box with the Vexxon gas?
(a) Coupons for free pizza.
(b) A number for a psychiatrist.
(c) A bag of candy for Chris.
(d) His home number.

2. What scale does Danny use to describe how good Shadrach is?
(a) An umbrella turned upside down scale.
(b) A star scale.
(c) A toad scale.
(d) An Itallian restaurant versus a mexican restuarant scale.

3. What does Laura say she believes has stopped in her life while talking to Thelma at Laura's wedding?
(a) Her world falling apart.
(b) Life being against her.
(c) Lightning.
(d) Fires.

4. What does Laura do to keep the stolen car she has stolen from being recognized easily?
(a) Trades it at a car dealership.
(b) Switches car tags.
(c) Drives on back roads.
(d) Has it painted.

5. What word does Thelma use to describe the connection between Mr. Teagel's fascination with the National Enquirer and Laura's non-aging guardian angel?
(a) Eerie.
(b) Ironic.
(c) Fate.
(d) Funny.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the doctor explain that he recognizes Laura?

2. What does Danny do after reading Laura's book, Shadrach?

3. What does Laura receive in the mail on her twenty-first birthday?

4. What does Laura answer when Thelma asks why Laura doesn't just get a bodyguard?

5. To what time does Stefan set the time machine to reappear in Laura's time?

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