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Chapter 1

• A strange blonde-haired, blue-eyed man arrives and stops a drunk doctor from going to deliver the Shane baby.

• Janette Shane dies giving birth to Laura.

• Kokoschko goes to look at Laura in the nursery in the hospital and wonders why the traitor wanted the girl alive.

• Bob's grocery is robbed and the strange man, Stefan, arrives and saves them calling himself Laura's guardian angel.

• Stefan is planning on blowing up the lab where he works to stop the research that is going on there.

• Bob dies and Laura must pack her belongings to go live with friends.

• Laura finds a letter written to her from Stefan telling her she will have happiness again someday.

Chapter 2

• Laura goes to live at the orphanage called McIlroy where she meets a pedophile janitor named Sheener.

• Laura makes friends with the Ackerson twins who tell Laura about how things work at...

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