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Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Aisling use as an excuse to get out of doing things in Chapter 4?

2. What does Elizabeth tell Stone she will do with Nick's girlfriend in Chapter 10?

3. What does Violet worry about after receiving Elizabeth's letter in Chapter 3?

4. What must the O'Connor children do on Saturday nights to appease their mother in Chapter 4?

5. Where in Ireland is Elizabeth sent?

Short Essay Questions

1. What horrifies young Sean when Elizabeth arrives in Chapter 2?

2. What regrets does Elizabeth have as she settles back into life in London?

3. What paths do Aisling and Elizabeth pursue in Chapter 7?

4. What could have interfered with Eileen's willingness to take in Elizabeth?

5. How does Violet annoy Eileen in Chapter 4?

6. How does Aisling explain is the way pre-marital pregnancy is dealt with in Kilgarret?

7. What does Sean Sr. want before he would allow Sean Jr. to fight with the English?

8. What event does Elizabeth look forward to in Chapter 4? What does she worry might ruin this event?

9. What does Joannie Murray do in Chapter 4?

10. When Elizabeth sees Violet and Harry in Chapter 8, what does Harry encourage her to do? How has her mother changed?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the genre of the novel "Light a Penny Candle"? What are some examples of other works of this genre? What are the characteristics of this genre? What are some examples of these characteristics in "Light a Penny Candle"?

Essay Topic 2

Analyze and interpret the conclusion of the novel "Light a Penny Candle". What happens at the end of the novel? Are there any unanswered questions? Why might Binchy have chosen to end the novel when she did?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss love and romance in the novel "Light a Penny Candle". Who does Elizabeth first fall in love with? How does this relationship sway her decisions and affect the rest of her life? Does she find true happiness with her husband Henry? Why or why not? Does Aisling ever love Tony? Does she ever love Stone?

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