Light a Penny Candle Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Who does Violet White damn at the beginning of the novel?

At the beginning of the novel, Violet White has just finished reading a romance novel in which the heroine is saved by her man. Violet damns novelists who write in such a way.

2. After leaving St. Mark convent school years ago, what have Violet and Eileen done with their lives?

After leaving St. Mark convent school, Violet moved to London, married a dull, unambitious banker and has one child named Elizabeth. Eileen stayed in Kilgarret, married Sean, and had many children.

3. What circumstance is forcing Violet to send her daughter Elizabeth outside of London?

In Chapter 1, London is being bombed by the Nazis. Children and the elderly are being evacuated from the city for their safety. Violet seeks out Eileen for the first time in many years to see if Eileen's family would be able to take care of Elizabeth.

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