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Clarence Gardens

This is the Whites' home in London.

Dublin, Ireland

This is where Maureen O'Connor's nursing school is located, and where Joannie Murray gets a job.

Dunlaoghaire, Ireland

This is where Elizabeth is picked up after first arriving in Ireland.

Euston Station

This place is famous for its arch.

Kilgarret, Ireland

This is where the O'Connors live.

Liverpool, England

This is where St. Mark's Convent School is located.

London, England

This is where Elizabeth White is from.

Murray's Provisions and Vintners

This is what Aisling becomes a partial owner of after her husband's death.

Preston, England

This is where Violet and Harry move to.

Rome, Italy / The Vatican

This is where Tony and Aisling go on their honeymoon.

Romford, England

This is where Elizabeth's abortion takes place.

Weston High School

This smells hospital-like of disinfectants.

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