Light a Penny Candle Character Descriptions

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Elizabeth White Mason

This character is evacuated from London during the German bombing of WWII.

Mary Aisling O'Connor (Murray)

This character endures an unconsummated marriage to an alcoholic.

Eileen O'Connor

This character dies of cancer.

Johnny Stone

This character goes on vacation to Greece.

Ned Barrett

This character is someone that one of the O'Connors has a practice romance with.

Mr. Brace

This character is the art master at Weston High School in London.

Mary Brady

This character intends to lead a life devoted to Catholicism as soon as he/she leaves school.

Simon Burke and Henry Mason

These characters are lawyers.

Sister Catherine

This character is the head of the convent school in Kilgarret, Ireland.

Mr. Clarke

This character is a kindly albino librarian with bad eyesight.

The Coghlans

These characters include an employee of Murray's Provisions and Vintners.

Brendan Daly

This character is stupid, buck-toothed and...

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