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Part 1, 1940-1945, Chapter 1

• Violet has been arguing with Elizabeth's teacher about evacuating her class from London.

• Eileen O'Connor, Violet's former classmate in Kilgarret, Ireland, agrees to take Elizabeth in.

• Eileen has many children and an Irish patriot husband with strong anti-English views.

Part 1, 1940-1945, Chapter 2,

• Eileen worries that her noisy household will be traumatic for Elizabeth who is an only child.

• Elizabeth walks into a men's restroom as she is unable to read the Irish signs - her ignorance horrifies Sean Jr.

• Eileen is amused at Elizabeth's modesty and politeness.

• Elizabeth finds Eileen overwhelming in comparison to her mother's slow methodical ways.

• Sean Jr. is desperate to enlist in the army but his father will not let him.

Part 1, 1940-1945, Chapter 3

• Violet worries that Elizabeth seems not to have any homesickness, and wonders about her new religious obsession.

• Sean Jr. fails his Leaving Certificate examination and is put...

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