Objects & Places from Life in a Medieval City

Frances and Joseph Gies
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The capital of Champagne, this is a commercial center due to its biannual Fairs.

The Church

This organization has its own court and legal jurisdiction. It also exerts a great deal of economic influence through tithing and indulgences.


This is the city structure arising from a charter negotiated between merchant burghers and the feudal lord.

The Count's Castle

This structure and its donjon are used for primarily ceremonial purposes.


This is a serving pitcher full of stew or soup that is shared among two guests at a dinner table.

Lying-in Chamber

This cordons off a pregnant woman about to give birth so that no one may view or be near her, save the midwife.


This is defined as the degree of relatedness two people have by blood.


This is the section of Troyes reserved for the Jews and a ghetto.


This is...

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