Life in a Medieval City Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Frances and Joseph Gies
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Essay Topic 1

The Prologue charts Troyes' development, and traces its origin to a number of historical influences.

1) List the historical/cultural influences that impacted Troyes to the year 1250.

2) How did the advent of the city wall impact Troyes?

3) Why did the fairs develop in Troyes?

Essay Topic 2

Chapter 1 describes the physical geography of Troyes.

1) Describe the geography of Troyes, including its major city sections, mportant buildings, and landmarks.

2) How did merchants and others enter Troyes?

3) What does the number of ecclesiastical buildings in Troyes signify?

Essay Topic 3

Chapter 2 describes a typical burghers' home.

1) Describe the home of a typical burgher, including the various rooms, number of stories, and construction material used.

2) Describe a typical dinner. What manners are in force and what sort of eating utensils are available.

3) What is the significance of fireplaces, if any? Where is the fireplace located in a home?

Essay Topic 4

Chapter 3 informs...

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