Life in a Medieval City Character Descriptions

Frances and Joseph Gies
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The Burgher

This upwardly-mobile character is a city dweller who derives income from the buying and selling of goods.

The Mason

This person's profession involves knowledge of stone-cutting, engineering, architecture, geometry, arithmetic, and even art.

The Housewife

This person is in charge of the family's purse strings, and is responsible for the daily food and other purchases for the home.

Thibaut the Great

This person gave an unprecedented amount of freedom to the merchants of Troyes in conducting their Fairs.

The Midwife

This person aided the pregnant woman in childbirth.


This person is an entertainer employed during happy events like weddings and feasts, who entertained with acts like juggling or telling jokes.


This people, collectively, make up the professional services to be found in a town of any decent size.


This class of people is generally segregated into a section of town called the ghetto...

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