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Nien Cheng
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Short Answer Questions

1. What did Cheng use to bandage her wrists after the handcuffs were removed?

2. In a newspaper in 1970, whose name was not listed with the names of members of the standing committee of the Politburo?

3. When did members of the Shanghai Film Studio come to offer their condolences for Meiping's death?

4. Where did Ai-yi's husband and son live?

5. How old was Da De's girlfriend?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was wrong with Cheng's old friend Winnie?

2. What did Cheng decide had happened when the preface was removed from her book of Mao quotations?

3. What agreement did China and Canada make in 1970?

4. What permanent damage was done to Cheng's hands after she was handcuffed for eleven days?

5. Why wasn't China an egalitarian society?

6. What did Cheng discover when she went to the Shanghai Athletics Association building to learn more about Meiping's death?

7. What did Maoists think about individuals who may have made important scientific or artistic contributions to China's cultural life before the Communists came to power?

8. Why did Cheng think that she was signaled out for special treatment when she donated her porcelain pieces to the Shanghai Museum?

9. What would happen to someone who was expelled from the Communist Party?

10. Why did Cheng think about the irony of life in China as she watched her disabled student struggle with a disability?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Da De sad that people were not free agents and that good people were sometimes forced to do bad things. Using examples from the book, explain why in China people were not free agents and why they were forced to do bad things.

Essay Topic 2

In 1969, Cheng notes that the people taking part in parades organized to celebrate the conclusion of the Ninth Party Congress were very different from the excited crowds of three years ago. Compare and contrast the actions and attitudes of the people in the street in 1969 to those in the streets in 1966.

Essay Topic 3

Several times during her imprisonment, Cheng determined that she must stay alive. Using examples from the book, discuss the reasons why Cheng felt that she must stay alive.

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