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Nien Cheng
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part I: Chapter 3, The Red Guards.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was the road in front of the former British consulate renamed?
(a) Anti-Imperialist Street.
(b) Revolutionary Boulevard.
(c) Anti-Revisionist Street.
(d) Ouyanghai Road.

2. What part of her house was Cheng locked in while the Red Guard looted her home?
(a) Dining room.
(b) Meiping's room.
(c) Her bedroom.
(d) The kitchen.

3. What business did Mr. Hu own until 1956?
(a) Paint factory.
(b) Clothing factory.
(c) Canned goods factory.
(d) Cereal factory.

4. What year did Mr. Hu start the business that later was turned over to the Communists?
(a) 1927.
(b) 1934.
(c) 1930.
(d) 1924.

5. Why type of tea did Lao-zhao serve Chen and Li Zhen?
(a) Green tea.
(b) Chrysanthemum tea.
(c) Black tea.
(d) Jasmine tea.

Short Answer Questions

1. What had Cheng's servant Lao-zhao left for her on a tray on a coffee table on July 3, 1966?

2. Where did Cheng and her husband meet?

3. How did Cheng get to and from the struggle meeting for lunch on July 4, 1966?

4. When Cheng was taken to a struggle meeting on July 4, 1966, who was the target of the meeting?

5. In 1966, how many people in Shanghai lived as Westerners?

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