Daily Lessons for Teaching Life and Death in Shanghai

Nien Cheng
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Lesson 1 (from Part I: Chapter I, Witch Hunt)


Part I: Chapter 1, Witch Hunt

In Chapter 1, Cheng describes life in China under the Maoist regime. The objective of this lesson is to discuss life in the Maoist regime.


1) Research: Read about Mao Zedong and the Peoples Republic of China. Write the answers to these questions: What year was the Peoples Republic of China established? How many years of civil war preceded the establishment of the Peoples Republic of China? Approximately how many public executions occurred during the Maoist regime? What was "reform through labor"? How were wealthy capitalists and opponents of Mao dealt with beginning in 1951? What were struggle sessions? Why did people begin turning on one another and making false accusations? Why did suicide become common in the 1950s? What was the Great Leap Forward? How did Mao's policies affect the Chinese economy and way of life?

2) Class Discussion: What did Cheng say...

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