Life and Death in Shanghai Character Descriptions

Nien Cheng
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Nien Cheng

This person spends over six years in a Detention Home after being accused of betraying the state.


This person is a servant who works for a family for many decades and helps raise the family's daughter.


This person is an actress who, according to authorities, committed suicide.

Mr. Hu

This person owned a paint factory that was taken over by the Communists. After the takeover this person worked a menial job in the factory.

Mrs. Zhu

This person and her family live in the downstairs portion of a home, spy on the upstairs resident, and cause problems for the person who lives upstairs.


This person is a servant who reports everything her mistress does to the Chinese authorities.

Chairman Mao Zedong

This person is the leader of China during the Cultural Revolution.


This person takes a family member to her new home...

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