Life and Death in Shanghai Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Nien Cheng
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Part I: Chapter I, Witch Hunt

• Nien Cheng's story begins during the Cultural Revolution in July, 1966.

• Cheng is one of about a dozen families in her city of ten million who continue to live as Westerners.

• Not many families in Shaghai lived that way in the seventeen years since the Communist Party took over China.

• Because of her job as a Shell Oil assistant, Cheng has servants and many luxuries.

• After her husband died in 1957, Cheng was given the job at Shell.

• Until 1966, Cheng works as a Shell assistant to the management staff to help foreign managers avoid numerous political and social pitfalls that existed in China during that time.

• On July 4, 1966, Cheng is wakened at half past six by two men asking to speak with her.

• Realizing they are most likely bringing bad news, she first eats a small breakfast, gets dressed, and then goes to speak...

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