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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bush determine about Hornblower after their discussion?
(a) Hornblower was a very brilliant young officer.
(b) Hornblower was a whippersnapper of an officer.
(c) Hornblower was a very promising young officer.
(d) Hornblower was a very misguided young officer.

2. ________ is not one of Bush's strong points.
(a) History.
(b) Combat.
(c) Strategy.
(d) Patience.

3. Admiral Parry, who plays whist at the Long Rooms with Hornblower, is nicknamed __________________.
(a) Old Tiddlywinks.
(b) Old Bonecrusher.
(c) Bad Bloodybones.
(d) Old Bloodybones.

4. The gun that Bush and Hornblower choose to use in their plan weighs _____.
(a) 1.5 tons.
(b) 2 tons.
(c) 2.5 tons.
(d) 1 ton.

5. Finish the quote: "The Court of Inquiry was not nearly as awe-inspiring as a ________."
(a) Mutiny.
(b) Court martial.
(c) Rebellion.
(d) Hanging.

6. While Bush is organizing the men to lift the cannon up the hill, he notes to himself that marines are _________________.
(a) A necessary evil.
(b) Unnecessary.
(c) Useful in their own ways.
(d) Dumb animals, liable to tire.

7. The women prisoners on board the ship are kept on the _______________.
(a) Poop.
(b) Steerage.
(c) Quarterdeck.
(d) Maindeck.

8. The night after the British take the fort, how many hours of sleep does Bush get to sleep before taking the morning watch?
(a) 8 hours.
(b) 2 hours.
(c) 4 hours.
(d) 6 hours.

9. A pending war with France would mean _______________.
(a) The re-expansion of the Royal Navy.
(b) There would be cutbacks for the Royal Navy.
(c) There would need to be a draft of soldiers.
(d) The country would go further into debt.

10. While discussing their plans for the Spanish, Buckland tells Hornblower that he talks like a __________________.
(a) King.
(b) Whippersnapper.
(c) Sea lawyer.
(d) Politician.

11. While Bush fights off revolting Spanish prisoners, he is wounded _____ times and requires _____ stitches to secure the wounds.
(a) 11; 35.
(b) 9; 53.
(c) 9; 35.
(d) 11; 53.

12. Horatio suggests that they use a ________ from the ship to attack the far end of the bay.
(a) Twelve-pounder.
(b) Thirthy-pounder.
(c) Twenty-four-pounder.
(d) Nine-pounder.

13. Hornblower is in charge of the ships by commanding the largest called _________________.
(a) La Gaditana.
(b) La Maria.
(c) La Cristobal.
(d) La Infanta.

14. How many men does Hornblower bring with him to aid the Renown during the prisoner rebellion?
(a) 30 seamen and 30 marines.
(b) None of the answers are correct.
(c) 30 seamen.
(d) 30 marines.

15. The "Morning Chronicle" says Napoleon is going to call himself __________________.
(a) General.
(b) First Consul.
(c) Emperor.
(d) President.

Short Answer Questions

1. The landlady's daughter's name is ___________________.

2. What kind of situation is occurring in Santo Domingo?

3. During the Court of Inquiry, Buckland is what?

4. It becomes known to the reader that Whiting ________ during the prisoners' rebellion.

5. What does Maria put in Hornblower's coat pocket as she takes it from him to be sponged?

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