Lieutenant Hornblower Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How is Horatio Hornblower described physically at the beginning of Chapter 1?

Hornblower is described as being tall and gangly with hollow cheeks and a "melancholy cast of countenance." Hornblower's uniform is also in disarray.

2. What are the specific commission dates for the Lieutenants Bush, Hornblower, and Smith?

Bush's date of commission is July 1796. Smith's date of commission is January 1797. Hornblower's date of commission is August 1797.

3. What dangers await the Renown in the West Indies?

There are several dangers that would await the Renown in the West Indies such as: yellow fever, ague, hurricanes, poisonous serpents, bad water, tropical heat, putrid fever, and "ten times more action than with the Channel Fleet."

4. What does it mean that Bush is "brought up in a hard school"?

Saying Bush was "brought up in a hard school" means that he had learned throughout his experience as a Royal Navy seaman not to utter "unnecessary words when dealing with a superior officer."

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