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Costume Collage

This Fun Activity involves researching the time period in which "Lt. Hornblower" is set, the early 19th Century, as well as the Napoleonic Wars. Specifically, investigate the style of dress that the shipmen aboard the H.M.S. Renown would have worn as well as what ladies and civilian gentlemen wore. Print or copy pictures from books or websites depicting costume of the time period and create a collage, noting on the back the resources you used during your research.

A Game of Strategy

Split up the class into different teams and play a game of strategy between four teams of ship fleets: The Royal Navy, French, Spanish, and Privateers (Pirates). This game could be played throughout the duration of the "Lieutenant Hornblower" unit or can be played just one time, perhaps at the end of the unit.

Whist-ful Thinking

Split up the classroom into groups...

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