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Chapter 1

• Lt. William Bush comes aboard the H.M.S. Renown.

• Bush meets Junior Lieutenant Horatio Hornblower, who seems to be a "firebrand."
• Captain Sawyer's behavior is described as being unusual.

Chapter 2

• Captain Sawyer accuses the volunteer Wellard and Horatio Hornblower of conspiracy after Hornblower defends Wellard.
• The Captain singles out Wellard throughout the rest of the chapter and has him beaten several times with a cane.

Chapter 3

• It is the fourth Sunday of the month, on which day the Captain is to read the Articles of War, which were as "all-embracing as the Ten Commandments" and "as rigid as Leviticus."

• Captain Sawyer specifically emphasizes the 19th Article concerning the consequences of mutinous assembly, the main consequence being death.

• Captain Sawyer orders "rope yarn Sunday" and "double rum" for the men, which means that the men could be idle and drink the day away.
• Lt. Bush observes that...

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