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Birds - These symbolize the men with whom Peyton Loftis has been intimate.

Trains - These represent the impression of time spread out and moving slowly.

Christian Faith - Carey Carr, Helen Loftis, and Ella Swan each have a different experience of this religious belief.

Potter's Field - Located on Hart's Island in Long Island Sound, this is the location of the New York City cemetery where the anonymous, unclaimed dead are buried.

University of Virginia - This is Milton and Peyton Loftis' alma mater.

The Funeral Home - Milton and Helen bring Peyton here as a step toward her final resting place.

The Hearse - On the day Peyton's body arrives, this breaks down several times between the station and the funeral parlor.

The Alarm Clock - Peyton purchases this and later becomes obsessed with living in it with Harry.

Daddy Faith's Raft - This is...

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