Lie Down in Darkness Character Descriptions

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MIlton Loftis - A mediocre lawyer at best, he s the product of a domineering, patrician father and a lovely, refined mother who dies much too soon.

Helen Loftis - She is the daughter of an Army colonel, born into a wealthy, well-established Virginia family.

Peyton Loftis - The younger daughter in a family, her father spoils her unabashedly, lavishing attention on her.

Maudie Loftis - She has difficulty with one of her legs as the result of a birth defect and is somewhat developmentally delayed.

Carey Carr - He is a young-looking forty-two-year old rector of St. Mark's Protestant and Episcopal Church.

Ella Swan - She has been a housekeeper for the Loftis family for many years.

Dolly Bonner - She is about 40-years-old when the novel opens and is flirtatious and likes to go to parties.

Daddy Faith - He is an evangelical preacher and...

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