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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was the first member of the family to see Grandma Moore's dead body?
(a) Aunt Iris.
(b) Charlie.
(c) Lecia.
(d) Mary.

2. What physical reaction did Mary have when her grandmother was around that was her first feeling of "nervousness"?
(a) Her palms became sweaty.
(b) Her pulse quickened.
(c) Her throat became dry.
(d) Her stomach tightened.

3. How old is Mary at the opening of the memoir?
(a) Eleven.
(b) Thirteen.
(c) Seven.
(d) Nine.

4. How did Mary hear the news that her family had inherited money from Grandma Moore's estate?
(a) From a visitor at the door.
(b) From her parent's diary.
(c) From a phone call.
(d) From a letter.

5. Which of the following states was most hard hit during the hurricane?
(a) Louisiana.
(b) Mississippi.
(c) Texas.
(d) Alabama.

Short Answer Questions

1. After hearing about Tex and Belinda, how long did Mary spend burying the memory of these children?

2. Which lunch does Mary remember most loving as a child, remembering how the construction worker men ate the meal with reverence?

3. What type of animal did Mary associate with the smell in Grandma Moore's bedroom while she was staying with the Karr family?

4. Which of the following was NOT something Charlie burned in a bonfire during her mental breakdown?

5. What did Pete buy for Mary for her tenth birthday?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Mary begin to compulsively check the mailbox after Father's Day?

2. What happened when the Karr family left the Bridge Cafe soon after Mary's birthday?

3. How did Pete manage the family's money during their toughest financial times?

4. Why did Charlie choose to vacation in Mexico for four weeks, and what news did she bring back to her daughters upon her return?

5. How did Grandma Moore treat Cousin Dotty in comparison to the way she treated Charlie?

6. After leaving the hospital, how did Charlie react when visiting the Houston Zoo?

7. What was Mary's reaction to seeing her mother in the mental hospital for the first time?

8. How did Mary initially feel about Antelope when she and her family first moved there?

9. How did Lecia react when her mother threatened to shoot Hector in front of her?

10. How did Mary know her relationship with her neighbors in Texas was beginning to change?

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