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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many classrooms did Mary's school in Antelope have?
(a) One.
(b) Three.
(c) Four.
(d) Two.

2. What did Hector and Charlie spend most of their time doing after their marriage?
(a) Traveling.
(b) Sleeping.
(c) Working.
(d) Drinking.

3. For what holiday celebration did Mary hitchhike to Texas to be with her family?
(a) Easter.
(b) Thanksgiving.
(c) New Year's.
(d) Memorial Day.

4. What was the name of the bartender at the bar where Charlie spent most of her time upon moving to Cascade?
(a) Gregory.
(b) Hector.
(c) Julius.
(d) Fernando.

5. What did neighborhood children throw at the Karr family's car as they left for vacation?
(a) Flowers.
(b) Gravel.
(c) Snowballs.
(d) Stones.

6. What intentions did Charlie have during her frequent trips to Mexico with Hector?
(a) To purchase land.
(b) To relax in the sun.
(c) To spend time with his family.
(d) To figure out if their marriage was healthy.

7. How many reading levels did Mary progress during her first week in the Antelope school?
(a) 18 reading levels.
(b) 15 reading levels.
(c) 7 reading levels.
(d) 11 reading levels.

8. What was the name of the bully who wanted to fight Mary after she felt Mary made her little sister look stupid in the classroom?
(a) Big Beth.
(b) Big Bertha.
(c) Big Betty.
(d) Big Brenda.

9. What did Rickey Carter's brother use to attack Lecia at the playground?
(a) His bookbag.
(b) A baseball bat.
(c) A track and field trophy.
(d) His fists.

10. How did the operator of the payphone treat the Karr girls as they were trying to make a collect call?
(a) She ignored them.
(b) She was rude to them.
(c) She was kind to them.
(d) She was confused by them.

11. What part of Hector's life did Charlie find the most irritation with during their marriage?
(a) His alcoholism.
(b) His temper.
(c) His physical appearance.
(d) His unemployment.

12. What type of expensive animal fur coat did Charlie buy, which alienated her from her neighbors in Texas?
(a) Leopard.
(b) Tiger.
(c) Mink.
(d) Fox.

13. Where did Mary move to attend graduate school in her adulthood?
(a) To the Western Plains.
(b) To the East Coast.
(c) To the Deep South.
(d) To the Midwest.

14. Why was Mary anxious to get to the hotel on their way to the World's Fair?
(a) To sleep in the bed.
(b) To inspect the mini fridge.
(c) To swim in the pool.
(d) To eat from the snack machine.

15. What did Charlie use to stop the swelling in Mary's eye after the schoolyard fight with the "Big" bully?
(a) Charlie ignored the injury completely.
(b) Ice wrapped in a towel.
(c) A raw steak.
(d) A bag of frozen peas.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the name of the buxom bartender at the local bar where Pete took Mary during her school holidays?

2. What did Alecia use to bludgeon her husband with during a fight while Mary cowered in the bedroom?

3. In what state did Charlie randomly decide to purchase a house while traveling to the World's Fair?

4. What game were Pete and Mary playing at the local bar when she realized that her relationship with her father would never be the same?

5. For whom did Lecia lie and say she made hand-painted fishing lures?

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