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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which institution did Pete visit each week to pay a portion of his bill, but was never able to pay off completely?
(a) The school.
(b) The grocery.
(c) The pharmacy.
(d) The doctor.

2. How did Mary know that Lecia had been attacked by a jellyfish even though her sister was still in the water?
(a) She could see Lecia's blood.
(b) She could smell Lecia's skin burning.
(c) She could feel Lecia's pain.
(d) She could hear Lecia's screaming.

3. How many times had Charlie been married before meeting Pete?
(a) Three times.
(b) Two times.
(c) Four times.
(d) One time.

4. What was the name of the club where Mary was allowed to attend meetings with her father?
(a) The Golden Stallion Club.
(b) The Poker Club.
(c) The Liars' Club.
(d) The Money Gate Club.

5. To which city did the Karr family travel to see the World's Fair?
(a) Seattle.
(b) San Antonio.
(c) New York.
(d) Montreal.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who cut into Mary's birthday cake before her on her tenth birthday?

2. Whom did Charlie call on the phone after threatening to harm her daughters?

3. Which lunch does Mary remember most loving as a child, remembering how the construction worker men ate the meal with reverence?

4. What beverage did Charlie spend the day drinking at the Houston Zoo?

5. Which of the following states was most hard hit during the hurricane?

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