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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What was streaked all over the mirrors and windows in the house on the day Charlie went missing?
(a) Wax.
(b) Paint.
(c) Blood.
(d) Lipstick.

2. How did Lecia react when she heard the news that Grandma Moore had passed away?
(a) She began laughing.
(b) She began shaking.
(c) She began vomiting.
(d) She began sobbing.

3. What illness was Charlie diagnosed to die from at the age of two?
(a) Pneumonia.
(b) Measles.
(c) Scarlet Fever.
(d) Chicken Pox.

4. Which of the following aspects of Cascade's landscape did NOT fascinate Mary and Lecia upon their arrival in the new city?
(a) Caves full of bats.
(b) Abandoned mines.
(c) Fields of wildflowers.
(d) Cold mountain streams.

5. Which of the following Karr family members refused to evacuate the home when a hurricane rolled through?
(a) Pete.
(b) Mary.
(c) Charlie.
(d) Lecia.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who jumped into the water and wrestled Lecia back to shore, despite the jellyfish wrapped around her leg?

2. After hearing about Tex and Belinda, how long did Mary spend burying the memory of these children?

3. How long was Pete in town for the purchase of the new house before he had to fly back to Texas to work -- a move that scandalized the neighborhood?

4. How did Pete react to having his mother-in-law move in with the family?

5. What type of plant did Grandma Moore grow on her farm in West Texas?

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