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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Letters XXXIII, XXXVIII, XL, XLI, XLVI, XLVII, XLVIII.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Letter XL, what clue do people give as to whether they are organized or disorganized?
(a) How fast or slow they talk.
(b) A glance at one's kitchen.
(c) How their house or apartment looks.
(d) Their hairstyle and grooming.

2. What is an oxymoron?
(a) A combination of contradictory words or phrases.
(b) Someone who does not practice virtue at all.
(c) Someone who does not understand Oxystoicism.
(d) A theory related to oxygen.

3. What does Seneca say in Letter XVI is of no interest to the wise man?
(a) Having more than the basic needs.
(b) Playing a role in public service.
(c) Investing in gold.
(d) Having a political seat of power.

4. What type of studies does Letter XII use as an example?
(a) Religious studies.
(b) Drama studies.
(c) Inner studies of oneself.
(d) Singing studies.

5. What does Lucilius ask Seneca to include in his letters?
(a) A poem to read to his friend.
(b) Investment information.
(c) An autograph.
(d) Stoic aphorisms.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of people does Seneca warn Lucilius to steer clear of in Letter XLVIII?

2. Who advises that one ought to imagine being watched by some great, virtuous figure at all times in order to check one's own behavior?

3. Seneca states that a virtuous man is not concerned with the loss of a friend because:

4. Who finances the celebration that is held at the time Letter XVII is written?

5. According to Seneca, what creates anxiety?

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