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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is Mama teaching?
(a) Her neighbor's house.
(b) In church.
(c) At home.
(d) At the high school.

2. How does Uncle Hammer feel about Bud's announcement?
(a) He threatens Cousin Bud.
(b) He is angry and calls Cousin Bud a fool.
(c) He laughs at Cousin Bud.
(d) He calls Cousin Bud a traitor to blacks.

3. After receiving a copy of the Mississippi constitution, what does Mrs. Lee Annie decide she wants to do?
(a) Vote.
(b) Memorize the constitution.
(c) Visit the state capitol.
(d) Learn to read.

4. On the day of the trial, who does Stacey meet at the crossroad?
(a) Moe and Clarence.
(b) Wardell and Clarence.
(c) Cassie and the boys.
(d) Joe and Moe.

5. Who returns home wearing an Army uniform?
(a) Wordell.
(b) Don Lee.
(c) Russell.
(d) Dube.

Short Answer Questions

1. What decision does Papa Logan make that upsets his wife?

2. Who do Mama and Big Ma think will give Mrs. Lee Annie trouble if she goes through with her plans?

3. What does Stacey expect will happen if his Papa finds out he is going to the trial?

4. What is the subject of the pastor's lecture to the congregation on that Sunday?

5. What explanation does Stacey give for Jeremy Sims making them leave?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the reason Cassie defies her father about playing marbles.

2. How would you interpret Cousin Bud's reason for wanting his daughter to spend time with the Logan family?

3. Explain why Papa feels playing marbles leads to gambling.

4. How would you describe TJ's lawyer, Mr. Jamison?

5. List reasons why Mama and Big Ma try to talk Mrs. Lee Annie out of voting.

6. After Papa drops out of the government program, why does he refuse Mr. Granger's offer to pay the added taxes he will now owe?

7. Describe what happens when Cassie takes her younger brothers into the courthouse.

8. Why is it more dangerous for Russell to wear a military uniform when he travels back to Indiana than to wear his civilian clothes?

9. Explain why Mama begs Papa not to return to the railroad.

10. Based on what you have learned up to Chapter 6, what problems would you say Cousin Bud faces because he married a white woman?

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