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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How large is the Logan farm?
(a) 400 acres.
(b) 200 acres.
(c) 300 acres.
(d) 500 acres.

2. Why does Moe Turner walk three hours every weekday?
(a) He wants to stay in shape.
(b) To get an education and have a better life than his father.
(c) To get to and from his work so he can help his family.
(d) To earn extra money taking supplies to the farmers.

3. What does Stacey say would happen to a black person who got caught using the courthouse restrooms or fountain?
(a) They would have to clean the toilets.
(b) The white folks would chase them home.
(c) They would get in a lot of trouble.
(d) The Sheriff would arrest them.

4. Which marble catches Cassie's eye?
(a) The shiny yellow marble.
(b) The cat's eye.
(c) The big orange shooter.
(d) The blue green marble.

5. When the Logan children and their friends are walking to school, why must they listen for the white school bus?
(a) Because they must go into the woods to keep from being splashed with muddy water.
(b) Because they don't want the white children to see them and call them names.
(c) Because the bus driver likes to play chicken with them.
(d) Because they are afraid if the bus stops they will be beaten by the white children on the bus.

Short Answer Questions

1. After receiving a copy of the Mississippi constitution, what does Mrs. Lee Annie decide she wants to do?

2. In what condition do the children find Mr. Farnsworth?

3. What do most of the people think of Uncle Hammer's new car when they see it at church on Sunday?

4. As Mr. Jamison questions several people about the night of Mr. Barnett's death, the testimonies offered also make the actions of which two other people look suspicious?

5. What is the consequence of Papa's decision to quit the government program?

Short Essay Questions

1. Paraphrase the story Cassie tells about how her family came to own their land.

2. Describe what happens when Cassie takes her younger brothers into the courthouse.

3. What reasons does Stacey give at the end of Chapter 2 for what happened to Cassie and her brothers at the courthouse?

4. List reasons why Mama and Big Ma try to talk Mrs. Lee Annie out of voting.

5. Analyze the reaction of finding Doris Ann hanging from a rope, in spite of the obvious fact that Wordell was the reason she did not die.

6. List the evidence that should have created a reasonable doubt about TJ's guilt in the minds of the jury.

7. What do you feel is happening to members of the Logan family because of the upcoming trial of TJ Avery?

8. Analyze the reason Mama doesn't want Stacey to work the whitewashing job.

9. What revelation does Papa have when he describes Uncle Hammer's reaction to finding Jeremy Sim's photograph?

10. Identify events in Chapter 2 that demonstrate why the blacks have no faith in the justice system.

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