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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who arrives to stop Stuart, Joe Billy and Pierceson from picking on Cousin Bud?
(a) Uncle Hammer.
(b) Mr. Morrison.
(c) Papa.
(d) Dube.

2. What happens when Cassie sees Wordell running toward the crowd?
(a) She runs into Mr. Jamison's office to hide.
(b) She goes into Mr. Jamison's office to get her father to help stop Wordell.
(c) She goes after him because she is afraid he will start throwing bottles, too.
(d) She goes after him, hoping to stop him from hurting anyone as he tries to protect Mrs. Lee Annie and Russell.

3. If the Logans have their best cotton crop ever, why are they still worried about paying taxes?
(a) Because the prices are so low for the cotton and the taxes are so high because they are no longer in the government program.
(b) Because the white farm owners get a higher price for their cotton than the black farmers.
(c) Because Mr. Granger has convinced the cotton buyers that the Logan cotton is inferior to everyone else's cotton.
(d) Because with the introduction of polyester there is less demand for cotton.

4. The Logans begin their search at the Turner farm. What do they learn when they get there?
(a) Moe Turner is also missing.
(b) Stacey and Moe went to the construction site of the new hospital for work.
(c) Moe Turner tells them he hasn't seen Stacey.
(d) Stacey has been hiding in the Turner's barn.

5. What does the Stokesville Sheriff say about the two boys he is holding?
(a) They must remain for trial.
(b) They are in the hospital.
(c) They can't be moved.
(d) They are cleared of any crime.

6. The Sheriff explains the boys were very sick when they were captured. Who took care of them?
(a) An old black woman named Aunt Mattie Jones.
(b) The Sheriff's deputies.
(c) The Sheriff.
(d) A white nurse from town.

7. How does Cassie feel about Suzella leaving?
(a) She secretly wants to go along so that she can see New York.
(b) She secretly cheers the fact that her rival will leave.
(c) She is saddened.
(d) She is happy to get her room back.

8. What does Cassie remember Mrs. Lee Annie telling her about Wordell?
(a) Wordell could be dangerous.
(b) Wordell has a big heart.
(c) Wordell protects the things he loves.
(d) Wordell is in love with Cassie.

9. Who accompanies Mrs. Lee Annie into the courthouse?
(a) Wordell, Cassie and Mama
(b) Mama, Mrs. Ellis and Cassie
(c) Papa and Mama Logan and Cassie
(d) Big Ma, Mama and Cassie

10. Who joins Papa when he returns from the railroad to search for Stacey?
(a) Cassie.
(b) The entire Logan family.
(c) Uncle Hammer.
(d) Mama.

11. What bad news does the family receive in a letter from Papa?
(a) That he won't be home for the revival because he is staying with the railroad to earn more money to pay the taxes.
(b) He is going to a revival closer to where he is working.
(c) That Papa is taking an extra job and can't come home for the revival.
(d) That Papa would rather earn more money than to spend time with his family.

12. What news does Mr. Jamison bring to the family?
(a) A cane recruiter said Stacey and Moe quit working the cane fields.
(b) Stacey has been found.
(c) Information on a cane recruiter.
(d) He's talked to a cane recruiter who remembers Stacey.

13. What does Cousin Bud tell them when he arrives?
(a) That he is taking Suzella back to New York because he and her mother are going to try to save their marriage.
(b) He is taking Suzella to New York so they can go to Time Square on New Year's Eve.
(c) He is going to divorce Suzella's mother and he wants his daughter to stay with the Logans.
(d) That he and Suzella's mother are getting a divorce and Suzella is going back to New York to live with her mother.

14. What does the Mississippi constitution say about mixed-race marriages?
(a) It says that mixed race marriage can only be between a black man and white woman.
(b) It says that mixed race marriages are okay as long as the man is white and he owns the black woman.
(c) It say that two different races cannot be legally married.
(d) It says it is okay for any two people to marry, regardless of their race.

15. What does Sheriff Dobbs and Mr. Peck tell the Turners they must do?
(a) The Turners must tear up a portion of their cotton crop.
(b) They must get another cow.
(c) They must not plant any cotton next year.
(d) They must sell some of their crop to pay taxes.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mama tell Cassie when she wakes her up the day they are going to Strawberry?

2. What does Uncle Hammer decide to do?

3. What happens when Mr. Granger tells the crowd that Mrs. Lee Annie is there because she wants to vote?

4. Why doesn't Papa and Uncle Hammer continue searching for Stacey?

5. What does Cassie see Russell and Suzella do?

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