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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What news does Mr. Jamison bring to the family?
(a) Stacey has been found.
(b) A cane recruiter said Stacey and Moe quit working the cane fields.
(c) He's talked to a cane recruiter who remembers Stacey.
(d) Information on a cane recruiter.

2. How does Mama react to Papa's decision not to search for Stacey?
(a) She threatens to leave Papa.
(b) She insists if he won't go, she will.
(c) She threatens to take the children conduct her own search.
(d) She is angry and won't talk to him.

3. What happens during Cassie's illness?
(a) She is in Mr. Morrison's cabin for two weeks and has dreams of Stacey dying.
(b) She stays in bed in Mr. Morrison's cabin for a week and dreams about Stacey dying.
(c) She is put into the hospital's quarantine unit.
(d) She is quarentined in her room for a week where she drifts in and out of consciousness.

4. What do the Logans learn from the phone call in Mr. Jamison's office?
(a) Four boys were caught in Buford after stealing money from the plantation where they worked. Another boy is dead.
(b) Two boys were shot after helping four other boys escape from a plantation.
(c) Five boys were caught after stealing money and running away from a plantation. One of the boys is dead, two are in jail in Stokesville.
(d) Five boys attempted to run away from a plantation. One was shot. Two are still on the loose. Two are in jail.

5. Who accuses Dube Cross of helping with the union?
(a) Suzella.
(b) Mr. Cross.
(c) Stuart.
(d) Mr. Wheeler.

6. What happens when Mrs. Lee Annie tells the secretary at the courthouse she wants to register to vote?
(a) The secretary calls her boss, Mr. Boudein, who in turn calls Mr. Granger who is upset, but tells them to give her the test anyway.
(b) The secretary calls Mr. Grander who is at the courthouse and he tells them to give her the test.
(c) Mrs. Lee Annie is welcomed warmly and given a quick test.
(d) Mr. Granger is at the courthouse and tries to forbid Mrs. Lee Annie from taking the test.

7. Stacey tell Moe he secretly likes which of the following?
(a) Suzella.
(b) Jacey Peters.
(c) A girl from Strawberry.
(d) A white girl.

8. Who joins Papa when he returns from the railroad to search for Stacey?
(a) Uncle Hammer.
(b) Cassie.
(c) Mama.
(d) The entire Logan family.

9. What happens when Mr. Granger tells the crowd that Mrs. Lee Annie is there because she wants to vote?
(a) The crowd applauds Mr. Lee Annie for her courage.
(b) The crowd starts to throw things.
(c) The crowd is shocked and angered.
(d) The crowd gets violent.

10. Why do the other farmers have to do what the Turners did to their crop?
(a) There was a miscalculation and they won't receive their government money if they don't tear out the required crop.
(b) They already spent their government check and can't give it back.
(c) They were supposed to plant corn instead of cotton.
(d) Because they are at the whim of white government officials.

11. Where do the boys have breakfast before heading home?
(a) The Sheriff's office.
(b) A local restaurant.
(c) The Sheriff's home.
(d) With Aunt Mattie Jones.

12. How does Cassie feel about Suzella leaving?
(a) She is saddened.
(b) She secretly wants to go along so that she can see New York.
(c) She is happy to get her room back.
(d) She secretly cheers the fact that her rival will leave.

13. What does Stacey give Cassie before he leaves home?
(a) A good-bye note.
(b) His knife.
(c) His promise to spend more time with her.
(d) His share of the cotton money.

14. Why does Russell call Mrs. Ellis, Mama and Cassie out of the courtroom while Mrs. Lee Annie takes her test?
(a) Because he feels it is not safe for the women to be in there.
(b) Because Mr. Jamison has gotten a phone call from the Buford Sheriff.
(c) Because Russell thinks Mrs. Lee Annie will be safer with just Mrs. Ellis with her.
(d) Because Papa wants Mama and Cassie to go with him to Mr. Jamison's office.

15. What does Cassie overhear when Papa leaves his bedroom?
(a) Her mother yelling at him to search for her son.
(b) Papa talking to Uncle Hammer about Stacey.
(c) Papa saying he is going for a long walk.
(d) Papa talking to the Sheriff about Stacey and Moe.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Cassie vents her anger about Suzella to Wordell, what does he say?

2. What happens after Miss Crocker breaks up the fight and takes Cassie to a classroom?

3. What does Mama tell Cassie when she wakes her up the day they are going to Strawberry?

4. What happens when Jake Willis offers a gift to Suzella?

5. Stacey is still determined to get a job, but promises to wait for what?

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