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Mock Trial of TJ Avery

Pick 12 students to be the various characters in TJ Avery's trial. You will need: TJ Avery, Mr. Jamison, Judge Haverstack, the prosecuting attorney, Mrs. Barnett, RW Sims, Melvin Sims, the farmer who gives TJ a ride, Sheriff Dobbs, Clyde Persons, Reverend Gabson, and Justice Overton. Pick substitutes who can fill in just in case someone is absent on the day of your trial.

Now pick12 unbiased people for the jury. It is best to pick people who know nothing about the story you are studying. Six will serve the purpose if you cannot get 12. These can be a principal, a coach, a janitor, parents, or anyone who is not involved with another class during this period.

The students should work together to recreate the trial of TJ Avery. Let them have fun with it. If they want to dress for the parts, let...

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