Let the Circle Be Unbroken Character Descriptions

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This adolescent farmer's child begins learning about racism in the pre-civil rights South.

Stacey Logan

This character runs away to work in cane fields to make money to help his family.

Little Man

This character dislikes soiled clothes.


This character's best friend's brother is on trail.

Mama/ Mary

No longer able to teach, this character turns to tutoring.

Papa/ David

This character is a hard-working community adviser.

Big Ma

This woman knows when something is wrong with her grandchildren.

Uncle Hammer

This hot-tempered bachelor lives up north.


This character is stuck between two worlds and trying to his/her place.


A silent young character who enjoys forest adventures.

Mr. Morrison

This character is feared and respected by the community.

Mr. Jamison

This character is a trusted character from Strawberry.

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