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Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Jefferson's first visitor since the announcement of the execution date?

2. What moves through the town, causing people to become anxious and nervous?

3. Bonin says that ___________ was a great teacher for Jefferson.

4. Who is knocked unconscious during the fight with the bricklayers?

5. What does Grant bring with him when he next sees Jefferson?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When it's suggested the Miss Emma would die soon after Jefferson's execution, do you think this is going to happen? Why or why not? She seems like a strong woman, despite her health problems, so is this a realistic statement? Why do you think others believe she will die as a result?

Essay Topic 2

Reverend Ambrose is worried that Jefferson is not saved when it's about 3 weeks before he is to be executed. What does Reverend Ambrose fear about Jefferson not being saved? Why isn't Grant worried about this? Why do you think Reverend Ambrose wants Grant to talk to Jefferson about his faith? Why does the Reverend want Grant to lie about what he believes?

Essay Topic 3

The relationship of Vivian and Grant is a complicated one, but perhaps that's only a matter of their current positions - she in her marriage, and Grant in his depression. Do you feel that their relationship is a strong one? A healthy one? Do you feel that these two will be together at some point? Do they seem like a couple that has a chance? What do they have to offer each other? How do they hurt each other?

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