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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What visit number is it when Miss Emma gets sick?
(a) The second visit
(b) The third visit
(c) The sixth visit
(d) The fourth visit

2. What are the two men discussing with Joe Claiborne?
(a) Jackie Robinson
(b) Drinking stories
(c) Work
(d) Basketball

3. Why does Grant's teacher stay in town?
(a) Because he can't leave his family
(b) Because he likes Grant
(c) Because he is a Creole
(d) Because he needs the job

4. What is delivered to the school?
(a) Paper
(b) Books
(c) The first load of firewood
(d) The first stock of food

5. How long until this person in #28 can visit Jefferson?
(a) The next day
(b) A week
(c) A couple of weeks
(d) A month

Short Answer Questions

1. As the women go to church, what does Grant do?

2. Who does NOT press Grant for details about his visit with Jefferson?

3. What is Grant going to tell Miss Emma that Jefferson ate and enjoyed?

4. How early does Grant go to Pichot's home?

5. Where is Vivian's husband?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Grant go with Miss Emma and Tante Lou to Mr. Pichot's house?

2. Why is Grant so unhappy with his life right now?

3. What happens on the day of the fourth visit to see Jefferson?

4. What does Bonin tell Grant about Bonin's relationship with Jefferson?

5. Though Grant finds Tante Lou and Miss Emma home when he returns from school, what does he do?

6. How does Grant handle a classroom that contains kindergarten through six grader learning levels?

7. Who does Vivian think is in love with Grant?

8. What responsibility does Grant try to tell Jefferson he has?

9. There is a lone present that is beneath the tree in the classroom. What is it?

10. What does Jefferson offer to Bonin as he is preparing for his death?

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