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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Reverend Ambrose ask about the discussions between Jefferson and Grant?
(a) Whether they are hateful
(b) Whether they have discussed God
(c) Whether they were civil
(d) Whether they are long

2. Who is told that they are 'smart. Maybe you're just a little too smart for our own good'?
(a) Jefferson
(b) Grant
(c) Ambrose
(d) Pichot

3. Why does Grant whack the student on the head with a ruler?
(a) Because the student was asleep
(b) Because the student was playing with a bug
(c) Because the student sassed him
(d) Because the student is crying

4. Who grabs a gun and starts shooting?
(a) Grope
(b) Brother
(c) Bear
(d) Jefferson

5. What does Miss Emma want Pichot to do?
(a) Arrange for a visit between Grant and Jefferson
(b) Try to appeal the verdict
(c) Nothing
(d) Help Jefferson escape

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the courthouse located?

2. As the women go to church, what does Grant do?

3. Who is Grant's surprise visitor?

4. What is searched before Miss Emma and Grant go to Jefferson's cell?

5. What did Miss Emma send for Jefferson to enjoy?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Jefferson writes about Samson, what is the question that springs into his mind?

2. Why is Reverend Ambrose jealous of Grant?

3. What does Jefferson say that makes Miss Emma slap him?

4. What does Grant do instead of telling someone that the visit with Jefferson is not going well?

5. Who does Vivian think is in love with Grant?

6. Why are Miss Emma, Tante Lou, and Reverend Ambrose angry with Grant?

7. What does Reverend Ambrose tell Grant he must tell Jefferson?

8. Vivian is unsure if she should go to the house where Miss Emma is. Why?

9. What happens when Grant asks Vivian what would happen if someone on the school staff saw what she had written on her blackboard?

10. What does Grant tell Jefferson about the execution?

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