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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Vivian and Grant do after coffee and cake?
(a) Head to church
(b) Go to the school
(c) Go for a walk
(d) Hold hands on the porch

2. What does the superintendent inspect on the children?
(a) Their heads
(b) Their hands
(c) Their teeth
(d) Their feet

3. Where does the couple meet to talk?
(a) At the church
(b) At the river
(c) At Vivian's house
(d) Rainbow Club

4. What did Miss Emma do when Jefferson said he is a hog being fattened for the slaughter?
(a) Slap him
(b) Hit him with a book
(c) Yell for the guard
(d) Nothing

5. Why does Grant's teacher stay in town?
(a) Because he needs the job
(b) Because he is a Creole
(c) Because he likes Grant
(d) Because he can't leave his family

Short Answer Questions

1. What is searched before Miss Emma and Grant go to Jefferson's cell?

2. What is Grant going to tell Miss Emma that Jefferson ate and enjoyed?

3. What does Grant apologize for?

4. How had Grant been taught to avoid this kind of humiliation?

5. Who warns Grant of the impending annual visit by the superintendent?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who does Grant put in charge of the class when he is told he must go to Henri Pinchot's house immediately?

2. Though Grant finds Tante Lou and Miss Emma home when he returns from school, what does he do?

3. Why are Miss Emma, Tante Lou, and Reverend Ambrose angry with Grant?

4. What does Grant tell Jefferson he wants him to do?

5. Who does Vivian think is in love with Grant?

6. How does Grant handle a classroom that contains kindergarten through six grader learning levels?

7. When is the execution date for Jefferson?

8. What does Bonin tell Grant about Bonin's relationship with Jefferson?

9. What does Grant notice when he looks through Jefferson's barred window?

10. What does Grant do after he snaps at a student?

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