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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who agrees to return Pichot's knife?
(a) Vincent
(b) Bonin
(c) Grant
(d) Jefferson

2. Why doesn't Grant want to stay at Vivian's house?
(a) Miss Emma is expecting him
(b) He just wants to go home
(c) He's afraid he will ruin her reputation
(d) He doesn't love her anymore

3. Whose responsibility is it to bring God to Jefferson, according to Grant?
(a) Reverend Ambrose
(b) Tante Lou
(c) Miss Emma
(d) Jefferson

4. Why does Jefferson stop sleeping at night?
(a) He just can't fall asleep
(b) He wants to make the time go slower
(c) It's too quiet to sleep
(d) He does not want to dream

5. Who does Grant annoy when he insists on a brand new radio?
(a) A white clerk
(b) Thelma
(c) Miss Emma
(d) Vivian

6. Who is the reason that people care for others, according to Grant?
(a) Miss Emma
(b) Reverend Ambrose
(c) God
(d) Bonin

7. Whose car is parked outside of Miss Emma's house when Grant arrives?
(a) Miss Emma's
(b) Reverend Ambrose's
(c) Tante Lou's
(d) Guidry's

8. What does Jefferson question when he talks about the fact that he cares for Miss Emma?
(a) Whether chores can be an expression of love
(b) Whether he will go to heaven
(c) Whether Miss Emma will go to heaven
(d) Whether right and wrong are possible

9. After visiting Jefferson, where does Grant go?
(a) To the radio store
(b) To the Rainbow Club
(c) Home
(d) Out for a walk

10. During what month is Jefferson's execution date finally set?
(a) March
(b) February
(c) May
(d) June

11. What seems to be the reason for Grant's better mood?
(a) Miss Emma's kind words
(b) A new job
(c) The Christmas season
(d) Jefferson's mood

12. Who sticks up for Jefferson and his radio?
(a) Vivian
(b) Grant
(c) Irene
(d) No one

13. Grant senses that Miss Emma is pleased by something. What is it?
(a) The fact that Grant has been saved
(b) Vivian whispers something in her ear
(c) Grant's presence
(d) Jefferson's execution date

14. Grant tells Jefferson to be a ________ and more than a ________ to Miss Emma.
(a) god fearing man, black man
(b) son, stranger
(c) strong person, coward
(d) Friend, godson

15. When the bricklayers begin to criticize Jefferson and his effect on the African American population, who tells them to shut up?
(a) Vivian
(b) Joe Claiborne
(c) Pichot
(d) Grant

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Grant NOT bring with him to Jefferson the next day?

2. Why can't Grant be what he suggests in #136?

3. What does Grant offer to bring to Jefferson?

4. What does Jefferson call Vivian?

5. Who is disgusted by Grant's behavior?

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