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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Grant see joking that makes him question his role as a teacher?
(a) Deliverymen
(b) Children
(c) Women
(d) His own students

2. Who warns Grant of the impending annual visit by the superintendent?
(a) Miss Emma
(b) Pichot
(c) Ambrose
(d) Guidry

3. What grades does Grant teach in his classroom?
(a) Second grade to fourth grade
(b) Fifth grade and up
(c) Kindergarten to second grade
(d) Kindergarten to sixth grade

4. Who was Grant's teacher when he was a child?
(a) Sam Guidry
(b) Joseph Morgan
(c) Bill Wallersten
(d) Matthew Antoine

5. What do the children do when they're not in school?
(a) They work in the fields
(b) They perform musicals
(c) They read a lot of books
(d) They play

6. What does Miss Emma want Grant to help Jefferson know before he is executed?
(a) That he is a man.
(b) That he was right.
(c) That he worked hard during his life.
(d) That he is a good father.

7. Where is the courthouse located?
(a) Birmingham
(b) Baton Rouge
(c) New Orleans
(d) Bayonne

8. What does Grant notice through the barred window?
(a) Spring buds
(b) Blue sky and yelllow leaves
(c) Dark clouds
(d) Darkness

9. Which day of the week is a sad day?
(a) Friday
(b) Monday
(c) Sunday
(d) Wednesday

10. Where is Vivian's husband?
(a) At home
(b) Houston
(c) Delaware
(d) In the other room

11. What does Grant apologize for?
(a) The time he's wasted
(b) Nothing
(c) The piles of work he needs to do
(d) The shabbiness of the home

12. The reverend asks Grant if it would be appropriate to take a ________ when his visits Jefferson. Grant agrees.
(a) Radio
(b) Blanket
(c) Book
(d) Bible

13. Who is in charge of scheduling the execution?
(a) Guidry
(b) Rougon
(c) Pichot
(d) The big boss in Baton Rouge

14. What reason does Grant give for staying in town?
(a) He doesn't have enough money to leave
(b) He was forbidden to leave
(c) He is ashamed to leave
(d) He wants to be with Vivian

15. What is something Grant does NOT tell his students to do when the superintendent arrives?
(a) To sing a song
(b) To bathe each morning
(c) To show up in nice clothes
(d) To behave

Short Answer Questions

1. What are Grant's students preparing?

2. Where do the person in #13 and Grant meet up once she had arranged for a babysitter?

3. Who was the owner of this bar?

4. Who does Grant remember as someone who took great pride in his heritage?

5. How early does Grant go to Pichot's home?

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