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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Grant say that angers his lover?
(a) That he wants to leave her
(b) Says that he wants to run away with her
(c) That he is not a good teacher
(d) Says he is a bad person

2. What did Jefferson do when Miss Emma arrived in his cell?
(a) Ignored her
(b) Slapped her
(c) Laughed at her
(d) Yelled at her

3. Where do the person in #13 and Grant meet up once she had arranged for a babysitter?
(a) Bill's Diner
(b) White Rabbit Bar and Lounge
(c) The local market
(d) Rainbow Club

4. Who is told that they are 'smart. Maybe you're just a little too smart for our own good'?
(a) Ambrose
(b) Grant
(c) Pichot
(d) Jefferson

5. What do the children do when they're not in school?
(a) They play
(b) They perform musicals
(c) They work in the fields
(d) They read a lot of books

6. What is something Grant does NOT tell his students to do when the superintendent arrives?
(a) To behave
(b) To bathe each morning
(c) To show up in nice clothes
(d) To sing a song

7. Which of the following men did not get into the car to go to the bar?
(a) Grant
(b) Jefferson
(c) Bear
(d) Brother

8. Why does Grant decide to walk along the road?
(a) He wants to run away
(b) He is tired
(c) He snapped at a student
(d) He is meeting with Vivian

9. Who is Grant's surprise visitor?
(a) Vivian
(b) Irene
(c) Miss Emma
(d) Pichot

10. What does Grant apologize for?
(a) The shabbiness of the home
(b) Nothing
(c) The piles of work he needs to do
(d) The time he's wasted

11. Who is in charge of scheduling the execution?
(a) Guidry
(b) Rougon
(c) The big boss in Baton Rouge
(d) Pichot

12. What did Miss Emma send for Jefferson to enjoy?
(a) Cornbread
(b) Fruit
(c) Turkey
(d) Home made candy

13. What do Vivian and Grant do after coffee and cake?
(a) Go for a walk
(b) Head to church
(c) Hold hands on the porch
(d) Go to the school

14. Where did Vivian attend school?
(a) Community college
(b) Cornell
(c) Xavier University
(d) Brown

15. What does the superintendent mistakenly call Grant?
(a) Higgins
(b) Wiggins
(c) Joe
(d) Smith

Short Answer Questions

1. Who grabs a gun and starts shooting?

2. Who reminds Grant that the visits will end at the first sign of trouble?

3. How early does Grant go to Pichot's home?

4. What does Rougon's family own in a neighboring town?

5. What is written on the blackboards?

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