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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As the women go to church, what does Grant do?
(a) Eats breakfast
(b) Goes for a walk
(c) Grades papers
(d) Prays

2. Who takes Grant home after the fight?
(a) Bourgon
(b) Pichot
(c) Joe Claiborne
(d) Vivian

3. What is Miss Emma doing when Grant arrives?
(a) Lying on a bed
(b) Praying
(c) Crying
(d) Making coffee

4. Why does Grant's teacher stay in town?
(a) Because he is a Creole
(b) Because he likes Grant
(c) Because he needs the job
(d) Because he can't leave his family

5. Why is Vivian already in trouble?
(a) Her husband already knows
(b) She was summoned from the school to go to the bar
(c) The police were called
(d) Grant hit her

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Grant hear calling his Tante Lou from the road?

2. Who says that all in the courtroom know what the outcome of the trial will be?

3. What does Vivian's husband want in their divorce?

4. What does Miss Emma want Pichot to do?

5. Who does Grant invite to speak at the beginning and at the end of the Christmas program?

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