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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 26.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is delivered to the school?
(a) The first stock of food
(b) The first load of firewood
(c) Books
(d) Paper

2. What does Grant notice through the barred window?
(a) Dark clouds
(b) Darkness
(c) Spring buds
(d) Blue sky and yelllow leaves

3. Why does Grant's teacher stay in town?
(a) Because he needs the job
(b) Because he is a Creole
(c) Because he can't leave his family
(d) Because he likes Grant

4. Who is given permission to see Jefferson?
(a) Grant
(b) Guidry
(c) Rougon
(d) Pichot

5. What did Jefferson do when Miss Emma arrived in his cell?
(a) Ignored her
(b) Yelled at her
(c) Slapped her
(d) Laughed at her

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Grant see joking that makes him question his role as a teacher?

2. Who are so prejudiced against darker skinned African Americans that they drop out of school to become bricklayers?

3. Whose car is parked outside of Miss Emma's house when Grant arrives?

4. Who does NOT press Grant for details about his visit with Jefferson?

5. Who does Jefferson talk to to tell that he will meet Tante Lou, Miss Emma, and Reverend Ambrose in the day room?

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