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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long until this person in #28 can visit Jefferson?
(a) The next day
(b) A month
(c) A couple of weeks
(d) A week

2. Who apologizes for the way they treated Grant?
(a) Pichot
(b) Tante Lou
(c) Miss Emma
(d) Inez

3. What was Jefferson called during the trial?
(a) A dog
(b) A chicken
(c) A rat
(d) A hog

4. Grant is worried that the guards will do what when he goes to the jail on his own?
(a) Lock him up
(b) Ask him to strip or to look in his mouth
(c) Beat him
(d) Ignore him

5. What is NOT a way that Grant feels he has been humiliated?
(a) By having to stay at the house
(b) By allowing the parcels to be searched
(c) Be allowing himself to be searched at the jail
(d) By being forced to see Pichot

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Grant see joking that makes him question his role as a teacher?

2. Why does Grant whack the student on the head with a ruler?

3. What does Miss Emma want Grant to help Jefferson know before he is executed?

4. Why does Grant's teacher stay in town?

5. Where does Grant drive Miss Emma and Tante Lou?

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