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• The unnamed narrator is talking about a courtroom and a trial.

• The proceedings revolve around Jefferson who got into trouble when offered a ride.

• When Brother and Bear give him a ride, they ask her for money that he doesn't have.

• Grope refuses to sell Brother and Bear wine on credit.

• Grope begins shooting everyone, and all but Jefferson are dead.

• Jefferson decides to run, but two white men walk in.

• The jury finds Jefferson guilty of murder and sentences him to death.

• The narrator's identity is revealed as Grant Wiggins, an African American teacher.

• Grant returns home to find his aunt Tante Lou and Miss Emma sitting at the kitchen table.

• The trial is over.

• Tante Lou makes Grant talk with Miss Emma instead of going to the Rainbow Club.

• Miss Emma talks about the trial and the attorney's use of the word, 'hog.'...

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