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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ichabod try to get Gunpowder to do as they gallop away from the dark figure?
(a) He tries to spur him on.
(b) He tries to sell him.
(c) He tries to fed him.
(d) He tries to return him.

2. What is Wiley's swamp?
(a) A pretend playground for children.
(b) A marshy, thick-wooden glen.
(c) A tavern.
(d) An area outside of Sleepy Hollow.

3. Who brings the invitation for the Van Tassel's to Ichabod?
(a) Katrina Van Tassel.
(b) An unnamed character.
(c) Bultrus Van Tassel.
(d) Van Ripper.

4. To those in Sleepy Hollow, Brom Van Burnt is considered to be a ______.
(a) Villian.
(b) Hero.
(c) Thief.
(d) Idiot.

5. What happens to Ichabod's heart as he eats at the Van Tassel's party?
(a) It beats faster at the idea of eating more food.
(b) It grows larger with hunger.
(c) His heart dilates in proportion to his good cheer.
(d) It grows small with jealousy.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do women consider Ichabod valuable?

2. Who does Katrina marry?

3. What knocks Ichabod from his horse and into the ground?

4. Brom Bones is noted for preferring what kind of animals?

5. According to the narrator, what is Ichabod very good at doing?

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