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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ichabod feast his eyes on first when he arrives at the Van Tassel's home?
(a) Brom.
(b) Mrs. Van Tassel.
(c) Katrina.
(d) The food.

2. What other area does Ichabod instruct students?
(a) Map making.
(b) Music.
(c) Fishing.
(d) Geography.

3. What is the one thing that causes Ichabod's interest to become a "holy" cause?
(a) The Van Tassel's farm.
(b) The Van Tassel's livestock.
(c) The Van Tassel's home.
(d) The Van Brunt home.

4. Which story dominates the conversation between the men the night of the Van Tassel feast?
(a) The story of the Hollow's ancestors.
(b) The story of the first Dutch settlers.
(c) The story of the Revolutionary War.
(d) The legend of the Headless Horseman.

5. What is growing near the schoolhouse?
(a) Flowers.
(b) A birch tree.
(c) An oak tree.
(d) A garden.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where is the church located?

2. What is the time period of the story?

3. What do Brom Bones and Ichabod Crane have in common?

4. Whose mouth "...watered as he looed upon this sumptous promise of luxurious winter fare?"

5. Whom does the homeowners of Sleepy Hollow hear singing psalms at night?

Short Essay Questions

1. How is the school's location symbolic of Ichabod's relationship with those in Sleepy Hollow?

2. How does the telling of the ghost stories set up the mood for the story's climax?

3. What is the irony of the farmer's claim that Ichabod was alive and was judging others?

4. What is the significance of Ichabod's voracious appetite throughout the story?

5. What does it say about the residents of Sleepy Hollow that since Ichabod did not have "money nor family," that he was quickly forgotten?

6. What was strange about how Ichabod distributed discipline in his school?

7. The narrator compares Ichabod to an anaconda which is able to ingest huge quantities without permanently altering its shape. Why else is Ichabod like a snake?

8. How does Irving contradict himself and tease the reader?

9. Why does the narrator compare woman to a force greater than the Devil?

10. What is one characterization of Ichabod?

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