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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The narrator refers to Ichabod as a what?
(a) Deacon.
(b) Scarecrow.
(c) Snake.
(d) Ghost.

2. Who is missing the day after the Van Tassel's party?
(a) Brom.
(b) Ichabod.
(c) Gundpowder.
(d) The Headless Horseman.

3. When Ichabod reaches the road to Sleepy Hollow, what does Gunpowder do?
(a) Resist and made another turn.
(b) Resist and whine.
(c) Resist and stop.
(d) Resist and buck.

4. What is one thing Ichabod does with the ladies between service on Sunday?
(a) Dance.
(b) Write notes.
(c) Sing songs.
(d) Gather grapes.

5. What does Van Ripper do with Ichabod's belongings?
(a) Sold them.
(b) Returned them.
(c) Disposed of them.
(d) Gave them away.

6. What does Ichabod try to get Gunpowder to do as they gallop away from the dark figure?
(a) He tries to spur him on.
(b) He tries to fed him.
(c) He tries to return him.
(d) He tries to sell him.

7. What prize did Brom say he and the Headless Horseman race for?
(a) Katrina's head.
(b) A sack of money.
(c) A bowl of punch.
(d) A sword.

8. What landmark is named after Major Andre?
(a) A bridge.
(b) A brook.
(c) A road.
(d) A tulip tree.

9. What does Ichabod do between services on Sunday?
(a) Cook food.
(b) Read the Bible.
(c) Sing with the parson.
(d) Visit with the available women.

10. What does the narrator compare Ichabod's pliability and perseverance to?
(a) A wilting flower.
(b) A birch tree.
(c) A supple jack.
(d) A thick rope.

11. What insect does the narrator compare Ichabod's elbows while mounted on Gunpowder?
(a) A grasshopper.
(b) An ant.
(c) A bee.
(d) A fly.

12. When is the story published?
(a) 1776.
(b) 1819.
(c) 1800.
(d) 1789.

13. What do the country people hear haunting through the village?
(a) Screams.
(b) Galloping.
(c) Ichabod melodious psalms.
(d) Howls.

14. What destination does Ichabod hope to reach as he races from his pursuer?
(a) The bridge.
(b) The church.
(c) The cemetery.
(d) The farm.

15. What is the name of Katrina's mother?
(a) Mynheer Van Tassel.
(b) Bultrus Van Tassel.
(c) Selena Van Tassel.
(d) Mabel Van Tassel.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who founded Sleepy Hollow?

2. What success does the old farmer from New York state about Ichabod?

3. What is another term for courting as defined by the Dutch?

4. What is the musician at the Van Tassel's party?

5. What does the narrator compare Ichabod's students' voices at the schoolhouse to?

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