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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Analysis.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Old Baltus Van Tassel is what kind of farmer?
(a) Greedy.
(b) Stingy.
(c) Liberal.
(d) Conservative.

2. What do Brom Bones and his boys do to the school house furniture?
(a) Sell it.
(b) Take it out of the school.
(c) Burn it.
(d) Move it around.

3. What is one thing Ichabod does with the ladies between service on Sunday?
(a) Gather grapes.
(b) Write notes.
(c) Dance.
(d) Sing songs.

4. As the narrator tells the events of Van Tassel's party, he refers to himself as what?
(a) Ichabod's historian.
(b) Ichabod's friend.
(c) Brom's buddy.
(d) A fateful observer.

5. After much discussion, what do many of the townspeople believe?
(a) That Ichabod vanishes into thin air.
(b) That Ichabod leaves under a cloak of darkness.
(c) That Ichabod runs out of town.
(d) Ichabod has been carried off by the Galloping Headless Horseman.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Katrina marry?

2. What do some in Sleepy Hollow believe happened to Ichabod?

3. As he and Gunpowder head home, who does Ichabod believe the rider on the dark horse alongside him to be?

4. Why do women consider Ichabod valuable?

5. The narrator states that Ichabod's feet serve as what?

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