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• The short story beings with a qualifying statement that is the source of the tale.

• The statement that the story is found amongst the papers left by deceased person, Diedrich Knickerbocker, helps establish the story's faux credibility.

• Much of the beginning establishes the setting and a great deal is spent on the neighboring town of Tarry Town.

• The narrator begins to describe Sleepy Hollow, a place along the Hudson River, untouched by time.

• A poem at the beginning speaks to the area's dreamscape.

• The poem states that the area is a place where dreams flourish.

• The narrator recalls that the day he happened upon Sleepy Hollow is a Sunday and that nature seems irritated at his gun's discharge.

• The narrator shares with the reader that he wants to linger in the peaceful place, but continues to describe the area in great detail.

• The inhabitants of Sleepy Hollow...

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