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Objective: Author: Edward Bond (born 18 July 1934) is an English playwright, theater director, poet, theorist and screenwriter. His controversial work has met with extremes of reaction, from vilification to dismissal to claims that he is the world's greatest living dramatist. Today's class will begin the introduction of Lear by examining the playwright, his life, career, and other works.

1) Class Discussion: Introduce the play to the class.
Lear is a 1971 three-act play by British dramatist Edward Bond. It is an epic rewrite of William Shakespeare's King Lear.
In rewriting Shakespeare's tragedy, Bond, a socialist, was attempting to correct modern trends which focused on the Shakespeare play as an artistic experience at the expense of more practical elements of social critique. By creating a politically effective piece from a similar story, he was more likely to cause people to question their society and themselves, rather than simply to have an...

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